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MERLIN Portable Scanner Wifi
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Just glide the scanner over any document or photo to capture it in 900 x 900 dpi resolution. Scanning doesn't get any easier than this. The Merlin Portable WIFI Scanner allows you to scan anything with just a wave of the wand. Resolution is an amazing 900 x 900 dpi. And images can be saved to computer or MicroSD card (not included) Support up to 32GB.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-store the Merlin Portable WIFI Scanner is a great home and office solution. Use the Portable Scanner to prepare your taxes, keep track of business cards, store recipes, or input all your photos.
The scanned picture will be displayed in your computer instantly by using provided SCAN & OCR software

Scan your documents of photos and save them into digital format files
Picture direct scanning software included.
File format: JPG, PDF
Fast and convenient way to scan, archive and organize: scan articles or favorite recipes for your later use, scan and copy important legal and financial documents and other documents such as letters or datebooks and archive them, turn stacks of documents into organized digital files
Lightweight and portable, carry it with you anywhere
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software included; converts and exports scanned files to computer for editing
Contact Image Sensor: 300DPI – (Scanning width=217mm x up to approx. 1200mm length) - 600DPI – (Scanning width=217mm x up to approx. 600mm length)
900DPI – (Scanning width=217mm x up to approx. 600mm length)
♦Approximate scanning speed* (standard letter size):
♦High resolution with colour ~ 4 Sec.
♦High resolution with monochromatic ~ 2 Sec.
♦Standard resolution with color ~ 2 Sec.
♦Standard resolution with monochromatic ~ 1Sec.
e.g., scan a U.S. passport size in:
♦High resolution/monochromatic ~ 1 sec.
♦High resolution/color ~ 2 Sec.
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