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MERLIN Bluetooth Car Mirror Premium
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31 Tetor '14
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Features include a Wireless Parking Camera that shows clear and crisp images even at night and is water proof, USB and SD Card slots to play MP3's, Last 100 dialed and received call memory plus a new improved design that allows you to transfer all your phone contacts with one button.

The Merlin Bluetooth Car Kit Premium is exceptionally easy to install

Like the Best selling Bluetooth Car Mirror Kit V2 it clips on in seconds over your existing car mirror. You can start using it straight out of the box

We recommend that you have the camera installed professionally - in the UAE we provide free installation at ENCO in Dubai. Details are inside box
Completely Hands Free - Leave Your Phone in Your Pocket or Bag
Your Phone Automatically Connects
Displays Name or Phone Number (200 Name Address Book)
Make Calls by Just Saying Someone's Name**

The Bluetooth Mirror Provides an Array of Features:

Answer & End a Call
Reject a Call
Call Waiting
Voice Dial
Caller ID Display
Received Call Log
Wireless Earpiece
DSP Technology
4 FM Presets for Transmitting to a Car Radio
Built-in Speaker
Built-in Microphone
Volume Control
Call Switching Between Phone & Car Kit
USB Port for Software Update
Full Duplex/Noise & Echo Suppression
Up & Down Scroll Function to Search Phone Numbers

For total privacy, a wireless earpiece is included for the calls that you’d rather keep to yourself. Simply place into your ear to ensure your passengers aren’t able to over hear your conversation.

Maximum Sound Quality.

Not only will it minimize all road noise to ensure high quality communication, it also blocks out echo & radio signal interference. You can easily connect to your car stereo through a built in FM frequency transmitter.
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