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ADEO Inceel
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25 Mars '14
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When aesthetics are a vital necessity in the décor of your home and office spaces, Adeo responds with Inceel, the screen that is visible only when it is in use. Owing to the innovative assembly system the structure is positioned inside a false ceiling and the characteristic threaded bars are height-adjusted by means of a thread lock to suit individual practical requirements. This technique allows a quick and straightforward installation at a reasonable cost, whether carried out autonomously or by third parties. Practicality meets aesthetics: by applying two plugs on the ends of the case the anchoring system is hidden and the visual impact significantly reduced, thereby favouring an overall harmonization with the surrounding ambient. Inceel is the ideal solution for enjoying total and uncluttered freedom in one’s home or office spaces: the screen is there but it doesn’t show.
Create your own screen with the PSS:
> personalized dimensions: width and height
> roller type: motorized or radio integrated
> case: available only with case
> case color: available only in white
> projection surfaces: ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro, VisionAcoustik and VisionRear, available also with black borders except the VisionRear
> height of top: from 5 to 60 cm
> projection surface drop: front or rear
> side of command/motor: right only
Standard accessories:
> kit containing eight 50 cm threaded bars for installation with maximum height of 1 m
> unipolar selector switch
> remote control (only for radio-integrated version)
> end plates for closing the plasterboard
Optional accessories:
> receiver and RF remote control for motorized screen (3 modalities: basic, automatic and compatible with domotic systems)
> receiver and infrared remote control
> 3-channel Way remote control for radio integrated screens
> cases for Way remote control for radio integrated screens
> bracket extensions for screens up to 60 cm
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