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ADEO Tensio Professional
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25 Mars '14
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 Tensio Professional | Tensio Classic Professional
For a perfectly smooth surface: Adeo proposes the application of the CTS (Constant Tension System) and of the classic tensioning method also to Professional, the screen with the characteristically flat ends devised for the Audio Visual sector. The first solution is based on two counterweights, hooked onto hinges attached to the ends of the base, which stretch rigid cables threaded through eyelets positioned along the sides of the canvas. Thus self-tensioning is ensured through time, and rolling is facilitated by the fact that the eyelets remain outside the projection surface. In this system technical requirements are first. The second solution has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding aesthetic needs. The lateral curving of the canvas, produced by the elastic cables threaded through the eyelets, not only ensures crease-free screen rolling but also has winning looks (see page 7).

Create you own screen with the PSS:
> personalized dimensions: width and height
> roller type: motorized standard or radio integrated
> case: with standard or quick-installation case
> case color: white, black or natural anodized grey
> projection surfaces: ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro, and VisionAcoustik only with black border
> height of top: from 5 to 70 cm
> projection surface drop: front or rear
> side of command/motor: right or left
Standard accessories:
> kit with wall -or ceiling- mount brackets
> unipolar selector switch
> remote control (only for radio-integrated version)
Optional accessories:
> receiver and RF remote control for motorized screen (3 modalities: basic, automatic and compatible with domotic systems)
> receiver and infrared remote control
> 3-channel Way remote control for radio integrated screens
> cases for Way remote control for radio integrated screens
> bracket extensions for screens up to 60 cm 
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