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25 Mars '14
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  Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro
All-in-one commercial-grade AV switcher/scaler for a myriad of AV source types including additional audio support for DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus
Scale analog and digital video up to 1080p / 1920x1200 and output as digital HDMI with digital audio. Easily adjust key video aspects such as color, aspect ratio, and noise reduction with the Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro. Digitize and scale audio and video in different formats into outgoing HDMI together with external digital audio (S/PDIF and TOSLINK).
Fitting neatly in an equipment rack, the Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro is conveniently located close to the center of AV operations. Rack ears are included.
The Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro video accepts the following inputs: 
HDTV television (HDMI/DVI)
Computer video (DVI or VGA)
SD (Composite or S-Video)
Additional RS232 functions
The Gefen Scaler Pro can interface with a variety of sources from set-top boxes and DVD players, to all popular video gaming consoles, with full 1080p support and compliancy with HDCP. Wide-screen scaling of VGA and DVI desktops is also achieved by the Gefen Scaler Pro.
- Both digital and analog inputs are format converted and pixel re-scaled @ 1080p to match the native resolution of your display
- DVI/HDCP/HDMI compliant input: Operates at bandwidths up to 165Mhz (Up to 1920 ž 1200 WUXGA resolution @60Hz)
- Supports Dolby Digital?, DTS-HD-MA? and Dolby TrueHD?
- Supports digital HD output up to 1080p/60Hz.
- Supports 1080p/24Hz true movie pass-thru.
- Integrated 8-bit triple-ADC/PLL.
- Dual high quality scaling engines.
- Dual 3D motion video source adaptive deinterlacers with smooth low angle edge.
- Auto 3:2 pull-down and 2:2 pull-down detection & recovery.
- High performance frame rate conversion engine.
- Proprietary Advanced Color Engine Technology for brilliant and fresh color, intensified contrast and details, vivid skin tones, sharp edges, and accurate and independent color control.
- Option to select audio input from HDMI or TOSLINK/SPDIF audio source.
- 3D noise reduction (Composite and S-Video inputs only)
- Operates through an on-screen display (OSD) menu controlled via included remote control
- Digital Audio Delay to match audio/video timing
- Less then one frame delay for smooth video when gaming 
- 19-inch Rack Ear Kit included for mounting in an equipment rack
- Aspect Ratio Control

Tech. Spec.:
Digital Maximum Pixel Clock: 165 MHz
Analog Video Bandwidth: 350 Mhz
Input DDC Signal: 5 Volts p-p (TTL)
Input Video Signal: 1.2 Volts p-p
Maximum Resolution: 1080p/1920 x 1200
HDMI Input Connector: 2x Type A 19 pin female
HDMI Output Connector: 1x Type A 19 pin female
DVI Input Connector: DVI-I 29 pin female
Component Input Connector: 1x YPbPr ? 3 RCA 
Composite Input Connector: 1x CVBS ? 1 RCA 
S-Video Input Connector: 1x Y/C ? 4 pin mini-DIN 
Analog Audio Input Connector: 3x RCA L+R, 1x 3,5mm stereo mini-jack
Digital Audio Input Connector: 2x Optical TOSLINK and 2x Coaxial SPDIF
Digital Audio Output Connector: 1 Optical TOSLINK and 1 Coaxial SPDIF
Remote Control Port: 1x DB-9; RS-232 serial communication
Power Supply: 5V DC
Power Consumption: 20 Watts (max)
Dimensions: 43,434 cm W x 4,445 cm H x 17,145 cm D
Shipping Weight: 2,7 kg

Package includes:
1x Gefen Audio/Video Scaler Pro
1x 2 meters HDMI cable (M-M)
1x 5V DC Power Supply
1x IR Remote control
1x Rack Ears
1x User's Manual
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