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Q-Better FL – Queue Managment
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25 Mars '14
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  Guides and entertains your clients, organizes your store and improves the human resources

Q-Better FL system improves efficaciously costumer service in companies and institutions that face problems associated with long queues. It allows extensively the improvement of customer service, increasing clients’ level of comfort and the productivity of the person serving the client. Q-FL is a powerful tool that includes all the features of Q-DS and all the necessary features for advanced queue management.
 How does it work?
1. The customer enters a branch or customer service area and selects a service by touching the screen or pressing a button in the ticket dispenser. Then takes the printed ticket;
2. The ticket displays information such as your company’s name and logo, selected service, ticket number, arrival time/people waiting for the same service, estimated waiting time and much more;
3. Customers will wait and look at the screens placed in the waiting area. This is a valuable opportunity to promote your services or products in the same screens;
4. A sound and a visual signal is played when a new customer is called;
5. When a client’s ticket number is displayed on the central or LCD it shows the desk/cashier number where the customer will be served;
6. After the customer is served, the employee will call a new client using the hardware or software terminal.

A typical queue management system requires:
1. An automatic ticket dispenser;
2. A Server / Player with the Q-FL connected to information screens;
3. A device for calls and control (Wireless buttons or QM-PAD);
4. And access to statistics and real-time information about the state of customer service.
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