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23 Mars '14
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Ready for a new reality? Recreate yourself with CreaTOR! Every bodybuilder knows that it’s not something to be taken lightly: all tissue in the human body is capable of total transformation. It just requires perseverance, determination and willpower. Of course some creatine also comes in handy…and the kind you use is vitally important. Why experiment with various kinds of creatine products when you can get the most modern blend of creatines – a combination which has been proven to be extremely effective? BioTech USA has created what none have been able to produce until now. In 2011, we combined the latest developments in creatine research to create a unique multi-faceted product. Forget about your previous experiences with creatine – the effects of CreaTOR go far beyond anything you've experienced, and there are absolutely no side effects! CreaTOR is Serious Creatine It’s surprising that it’s even legal! During the development phase, CreaTOR was tested on 50 athletes who took a daily dose of six capsules of CreaTOR over a 28 day period, while maintaining their normal diet and workout schedule. The results exceeded those of pH-correct buffered creatine products which already produced outstanding performance enhancement. CreaTOR outpaced the best creatines on the market today. Compared to basic creatine, creatine monohydrate, CreaTOR was proven to be up to 2,000% more effective. Can’t believe it? Let's check out the details! Making Supermen CreaTOR increased the test subjects’ energy level by 62.3%. This figure was calculated using a rather complex equation – we’ll spare you the details – but have a look at this: • 100 kg max bench press → increased to 162.3 kg • 8 reps with the same weight → increased to 12.9 reps • 3.6 km run took 20 minutes → increased to 5.8 km in 20 minutes Fat to Muscle Tests showed that with a 23% increase in muscle mass, body fat percentage dropped by 11.7%! In addition, water retention, often a characteristic of creatine supplementation, did not occur. The body’s water content did not increase! What’s in it that makes it so powerful? 1. TOR Matrix (1,100 mg/dose) is unique in the world of nutritional supplements. It is an ’alkalised’ creatine with increased pH with absorption and efficiency rates far exceeding those of other creatine compounds. CreaTOR contains micronized creatine, the purest creatine monohydrate compound available. It is dissolved quickly and completely as it’s been processed to an extra fine 180 microns. Due to the amazing rate of absorption, it enters the bloodstream and the muscles in a 90% ready-to-use compound form. 2. Creatine SERUM – A special combination of three next generation creatine compounds: • Creatine hydrochloride – A compound developed in 2003 which has been proven to be more effective than creatine monohydrate. It prevents abdominal bloating, dissolves well, easily enters the blood stream and is not converted into creatine. • AKG – A new discovery. The AKG group makes the compound significantly more stable and therefore it dissolves extremely well and becomes pH stable. Additionally it does not cause stomach or digestive problems. AKG ensures that creatine is immediately delivered to the cells. • Creatine gluconate – Creatine and its transport system combined. Creatine gluconate is also chemically bonded to a carbohydrate which significantly enhances absorption! 3. “Energy Maximize” cocktail. The niacin, green tea and natural guarana content is a combination that increases capacities to the max so it mentally tunes you to the peak performance possible with the creatine matrix. It will get you going and keep you going. • Expands blood vessels, improving oxygen and active ingredient supply efficiency • Increases heart rate • Improves concentration and alertness 4. ATP FACTOR – for optimal utilisation Calcium pyruvate, tyrosine and NADH are the basic catalysts of the body’s energy production process, i.e. the citric acid cycle. AAKG and citrulline malate increase nitrogen monoxide level and facilitate communication between cells as well as assisting in nutrient and oxygen transport. Enough with the Latin: put simply, this combination of active ingredients is ensures that the creatine matrix can exert its maximum effect where and how it’s meant to. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with enthusiasm when you read about all the beneficial substances in CreaTOR. It’s time to put that enthusiasm to good use and start on the path to amazing muscle development. Now you can have the best product available with the perfect combination of ingredients. From now on, it’s up to you. Keep everyone guessing...only you know that you’re fully legal.

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