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LG G2Processor Equipped with a 2.26 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 Quad-Core Processor, the LG G2 is our most advanced smartphone yet. Play the latest games, watch full definition movies without hiccups, and experience a user interface that responds as fast as you can tap. See for yourself.SiO+ Battery The LG G2’s specially engineered 3,000 mAh SiO+ battery was created to complement the phone’s slim, ergonomic shape and to impress with its long life. This high-density battery features a unique step design that provides maximum capacity in a slim form factor, enhanced with Silicon Oxide Plus technology for efficient power.5.2” 1080p Display The large 5.2” Full HD 1080p IPS display offers the superior clarity of 423-pixel-per-inch resolution to deliver extraordinary graphics and sharp text, all with the beauty of true-to-life colors. In fact, the 16:9 high-definition screen is downright cinematic minimizing color oversaturation.13MP Camera with OIS Capture crisp, detailed, high-quality images with the LG G2’s 13-megapixel camera, featuring scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass to help protect the lens and provide clear photos and videos for years to come. This uncompromising camera employs two-axis optical image stabilization and multi-point auto-focus to help produce stunning still pictures and Full HD 1080p videos.Rear Key Every detail of the LG G2 was crafted to achieve both luxury and functionality. Its minimalistic design features the revolutionary Rear Key, ergonomically positioned on the back of the phone for intuitive left- or right-handed use, with fewer accidental key-presses. And by removing all the side buttons, we’ve fashioned a sleek new device that will fit your style.Slide Aside™ Slide Aside™ gives you the freedom to quickly switch between as many as three different open apps on the phone just by swiping and tapping the screen. So it’s never been easier to go from text to the web browser to email and back again, for example.Clip Tray™ If you add a lot of images or files to your emails, posts and text messages, then you’ll enjoy the new Clip Tray™ feature. It allows you to copy and paste multiple items to a unique, slide-up clipboard interface at the bottom of the screen, then conveniently pick whichever ones you want to attach.QuickRemote The versatile QuickRemote app works with the LG G2’s built-in IR emitter, so now you can operate your compatible TV, set-top box, audio system, DVD or Blu-ray player, or even an air conditioner, all right from the phone. Any device that uses an infrared remote can now be controlled by the LG G2.KnockOn™ Are you tired of having to pick up your phone and press buttons every time you need to wake it up? KnockOn™ lets you simply “knock” twice on the screen with a fingertip to wake the display without your ever having to lift the LG G2 or touch the power key.

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