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HAJDAR BERISHA @ Zone electronic series 14.06/E Shtune
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9 Qershor '14
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14 Qershor në ora 22:30
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Zone Electronic series presents

14.06 E Shtune / SAT

HAJDAR BERISHA / Cocolino, Die Rakete Nurnber, Germany

Is not about nationality, its about BASS !

Hajdar Berisha was born in Nuremberg at the end of the 70s to Kosovan parents. His first musical heaven was hip hop in the beginning of the 90s. He loves the beats from pioneers like Public Enemy or Run DMC. To him, hip hop became a catalyst for finding and asserting himself. The inclination for poses or mere boasting is missing in Hajdar the DJ. He is not only a hitsupplier but an orchestrator of unpredictable yet subtly smooth sets. “Not everybody understands house music… It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing…” is a line from Eddy Amador’s 1997 house-hymn. Occasionally, Hajdar implements this track into his sets, or rather he weaves it in. The flow he delivers from track to track is always seamless. Hajdar undoubtedly possesses a great understanding of house music.

In 1996, Hajdar Berisha visited the Loveparade in Berlin. This music festival along with the spirit of the city of Berlin deeply influenced him. In the following years, he was regularly drawn to Thuringia where he continues to attend illegal and excessive parties with friends. He is “Lost in Music” by now. Equipped at home with two turntables and a mixer, Hajdar Berisha crafts a grasp for the sound of the night around millenium. He can often be caught strolling through various record shops listening to tracks playing and on weekends he can be seen travelling through the republic.
In the clubs, he raves it up euphorically but at the same time attentively looks over the shoulder of DJs when they are choosing their records. Today, he himself is one of those DJs who digs deep in the globalized world of electronic music and consistently plays fresh and newly discovered tracks.

Rakete and asked for Hajdar’s phone number. It wasn't too long before Hajdar became a part of the roster of Sis’ label Cocolino Records. This opportunity guaranteed that party people from Nuremberg would be hearing more from Hajdar Berisha in the future. 

TOTON / Pug , KS


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